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About Uganda and Me

About Us and Our Goals

We are Aid4Uganda a non-profit charity designed to provide food, medicine, beds and shelter to orphans in Uganda. In 2010 Shane Falconer first visited Uganda on a volunteer program and discovered Ttega Child Development Centre a small school with limited resources. With very generous support from friends and family in Australia, Shane was able to build classrooms and an orphanage that now sleeps over 20 children at Ttega

Since the completion of Ttega’s orphanage in 2012, Shane and his partner Katherine have been working to build a new orphanage for the children at Way Side Primary School, located just a few miles from Ttega. In 2014, they will head back to complete the ground floor of this construction, enabling the children to move into their new home. In years to come, this orphanage will be expanded the 3 storeys so that it can eventually sleep over 100 children

At Aid4Uganda, we believe in the empowerment of the common person to make a difference in the lives of children half a world away. It is not how much you contribute, but THAT you contribute, that matters. Our organization is unique in that 100% of all funds raised go to the projects on the ground. We are confident that with your support, we can achieve our vision of expanding the number of orphanages we support and ensure that as many of Uganda’s children as possible have the opportunities they, and all children, deserve.

How to Help What Can You Do

How Can You Make a Difference

We are currently raising money to coimplete Stage One of Way Side orphanage. Relocating the facilities will free the director from making monthly rent payments and will thus better enable him to care for the children under his care.

We are also looking to obtain sponsors for the children at Way Side to further help the director cover their costs of care. Sponsorship money is used to provide food, clothing and medical care for the children, and to pay for their school fees

You can show your support for these efforts by:

  • Making a donation directly to Aid4Uganda. You can use the form below to request information on how to make out and send your cheque
  • Attending our fundraising evening in Melbourne (see our flyer on the home page)
  • Becoming a sponsor for one of the children at Way Side Orphanage for a small monthly gift of your choice. As a sponsor you will receive a profile of your child, a framed photograph and reports on their progress every few months.

To send a message of support and to find out more information on donating and sponsorship please use our contact form or email us directly

Portfolio Our Works

Kigundu Samuel


Age:4 Years Old
Gender: Male

Sam’s father is a pastor in a village 3hrs from Mercy Home. Sams’ dad is too poor to care for him. Sam is at his happiest when he gets to see his Dad, only once every 3 months.

Kemirembe Claire


Age: 9 Years Old
Gender: Female

Claire is a sweet and caring girl who likes singing and helping people in the community. She has a keen interest in medicine, and enjoys assisting the matrons when students at Way Side are sick.

Namatta Dorcus


Age: 7 Years Old
Gender: Female

Dorcus is shy and quiet, with a slow but beautiful smile, and she is recognized among the other children in the orphanage as being an exceptional drum player.

Sekandi Prosper


Age: 7 Years Old
Gender: Male

Prosper loves to dance and sing and perform in school skits. He is a really happy kid, who loves to give hugs and hold hands.

Namutebi Rebecca


Age: 10 Years Old
Gender: Female

Rebecca’s single mother is too poor to care for her daughter, so she placed Rebecca into Way Side. Rebecca likes music and dancing and taking care of the younger kids at the orphanage.

Nakabaale Reagan


Age: 10 Years Old
Gender: Male

Reagan is like a big ball of energy always dancing with all the girls with a huge smile on his face.

Muwanguzi Simon


Age: 7 Years Old
Gender: Male

Simon is an active child with a huge, mischievous smile, who enjoys playing football and board games with the other children at the orphanage.

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